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mceci1 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by mceci1 View Post

Sorry little buddy, understeer is a result of pushing harder into a corner than your car is capable of, simple answer, back off slightly until the understeer tapers off, and you avoid hitting the car on your outside.

I'm afraid your comment has to classify as the most ridiculous comment rather than the one 155 is making.

I guess once you get your licence and actually drive a car at speed you may figure this out for yourself.
I've got my license and have an EL falcon as a circuit car. Turning through there is a challenge in its self. A little understeer in a pack like they were in is a challenge. Lifting off in a battle pack can be the difference between being drilled or not. In saying that I know of cars I race having understeer with no throttle input at that corner
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