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The SpeCTator should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Sad demise of AMOC?

The 19th August edition of Autosport carried the paragraph,
"The final scheduled AMOC event of 2021 is at the Formula Ford Festival and Peter Snowdon says determined planning is underway to ensure this is a success"
Come the day of the Festival there was a 20 minutes qualifying session for the 2 x 25 minute races for 6 cars of which 2 were Aston Martins. Enough said.
A fantastic meeting prevailed only spoiled by time afforded to AMOC.
I have never met Peter but I feel very sorry for him.
It's really tough when someone works so hard and get little or no support but it's also time to recognise the signs that flogging a dead horse achieves nothing.
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