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2018 F1 silly season.

Only 3 races into the season and the rumours have already started to circulate. Thought I'd get a thread up to discuss everything in the one place.

Rumours currently in circulation:

1) Sauber to sign an engine deal with Honda.
2) Alonso to Renault next year.
3) Raikkonen won't get another year at Ferrari.

Sauber and Honda rumours have been around for over a year now. I think it will happen. Sauber want's out of the Ferrari deal. Ferrari have held them to ransom for too long, making them them agree to whatever Ferrari want's, or else. Sauber have had enough. The Honda deal is expected to be for grade A engines, not the grade B engines Ferrari have been supplying Sauber since day one.

Alonso to Renault is interesting. In a interview a few days ago, Cyril Abiteboul didn't say no to Alonso next year. Alonso and Hulkenberg will be a strong pairing in the Renault.

Raikkonen booted from Ferrari? Hopefully true. Should've never been offered the Ferrari seat in the first place. He only got he deal because Ferrari wanted to prove a point to Alonso.
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