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grumpy52 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
From what I have read and understand employment of Code 60 in a normal club race for more than half the race time or laps is a ridiculous situation, it is no longer a race but a parade of cars .
The running of many meetings could do with a major tightening up .
Unnecessary course car or circuit tours , delays in dispatching recovery vehicles also slow loading and the time taken for returning cars to the paddock or pits . Not having following races ready to go to circuit .
Winners parade laps and unnecessary full circuit laps after a crossing the finnish line could all be looked at .
Competitors want to race and spectators want to watch racing not empty tracks or a 60 kph display of cars .
Having the decision makers monitoring the live racing at all times certainly speeds up the process.
This hiccup happens every decade as the systems get overloaded with slack .
And might I suggest the total waste of time and space called the Incedent board be finally put to good use and used as fuel at the end of meeting BBQ .

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