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mickey29 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridmickey29 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Sport is big business and why should a tax payer line the pockets of overpaid over hyped sportstars.

The managers and organisers are perceived as corrupt. Footballers are perceived as spoilt brats, cricketers are tarred by the Pakastani Cheating Scandal, Rugby players are perceived as drunken louts and F1 is seen to be a rich man's toy.

The BBC will be showing the greatest sporting event next year in the form of the Olympics, however it has sensible level of coverage of other sports although it is fixated on that game where 22 people kick a bladder from one end of a field to another.

Ultimately there will be no free to air sport unless there is a reset of the financial incentives for the "professional" bodies, managers and sportstars.

If the rights holders stop making obscene amounts of money and share the wealth public broadcast networks can afford the rights.

Otherwise commercial stations will be the only ones who can afford it.

The people to blame for this are the fans for not standing up to be counted.

I maybe getting Sky because I want to watch Indycar and F1, but since I can watch F1 for free (albeit in a reduced way) I may vote with my wallet.

If everyone votes with their wallets then the sport coverage will change.

Stop going to events, stop buying the shirts, the model cars, the memorabilia, magazines and the bookmakers.

Stop participating in anyway and you will cut of the money and sports coverage will get back to basics.

Is anybody prepared to do this? No.

So we have no right to moan then. The monster was created by ourselves and now we are paying the price.
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