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Originally Posted by Malcolm Smith View Post
There will be six events at Knockhill and one at Croft with the Darlington & District Motor Club.


April 7th
May 5th (anti-clockwise)
June 23rd
July 20th & 21st
September 1st (anti-clockwise)
October 6th


August 17th & 18th


Class A Sports and Saloon Cars up to 1500cc engines.

Class B Sports and Saloon Cars 1501cc to 2500cc engines

Class C Cars complying with FIA Appendix K & other cars invited to compete at the discretion of the Organisers, which may include but are not limited to Classic Rally Cars.

Class D Sports and Saloon Cars 2501cc to 3600cc engines

Class E Sports and Saloon Cars over 3601cc engines

Class F Future Classics Mass production Sports and Saloon Cars, manufactured
between January 1st 1985 and December 31st 1990.

Class G Limited Production Cars, sports or saloons, specials, kit cars and recreations. Only normally aspirated engines, fuel injection not permitted, period transmissions only, 2 wheel drive only.

Class H Mk2 Fiesta CVH XR2.

Information regarding previous events can be found at:

2018 season information

2017 season information

2016 season information

2015 Season information

2014 Season information

2013 Season information

2012 Season information

2011 Season information

2010 Season information
Cheers for the info Malcolm.I regularly watch the highlights on YouTube.Very interesting with quite a variety.
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