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duke_toaster should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridduke_toaster should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
I guess they would percolate down. My only concern with these would be speed of getting out of the car, which I feel sure the fly boys have already got sorted out.

Things that can hit the driver on the head are something that need to be avoided, that is probably the most dangerous thing in a modern single seater (well, toss-up between that and wheel over wheel crashes).

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I have to type this or my brain will explode!

As a sidepoint, not only single seaters have this problem, I remember in a BTCC support race (I think it was SEATs or Clios) where one of the tyres they stick on the corners bouncing in to a touring car windscreen, with the tyre winding up making a massive tyre-sized hole. Now if that happened in a single seater race, it could be curtains. Perhaps in some cases race track furniture could actually be a bit more thought out e.g. not having heavy stuff on the inside of corners, just stick polystyrene advert hoardings there or something equally breaky-uppy in case it gets hit.

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