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According to Louis Butcher, columnist for Le Journal de Montreal, the mayor of Montreal and Bernie are close to agreeing on a 1-year deal for Montreal. Negotiations for a long-term deal based on a new timetable for doing the renovations would continue in 2017.

It's good to know that there should be a race next year, but the long term future of the Montreal race remains in doubt. Bernie wants a guarantee that the renovations will get done and he doesn't really care who pays for them or how; the mayor wants to get rid of the promoter before he agrees for the city to pay for the renovations; and the promoter wants to keep his job and ensure the long term future of the race.

Mayor Coderre wants to get rid of the promoter, Dumontier, because Coderre feels that Dumontier deceived him about the escalating cost of the proposed renovations.

Bernie Ecclestone se fait rassurant

Among the three races threatened next year in F1, Montreal appears the least vulnerable, according to Bernie Ecclestone.

At least that is what the boss of the F1 indicated to a colleague of the site in the paddocks of Interlagos, site of the Brazilian Grand Prix last weekend.

"I think the matter seems to be settling in Canada, not without pain, though," Ecclestone said...

Here are three good reasons the race must be saved:

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