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sambeeb should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Sorry to hear about your car Trikes. I also do a few state rounds of the hillclimb championship but in NSW.
I went from using AD08R's to A050's in medium compound on my vw polo gti 1.8T. Its a very torquey 240 Hp and the step up was incredible.
I sourced the set cheap so went ahead despite really needing softs for hillclimbs. Yes the softs would be better but the amount of grip is still above my commitment level most of the time and it barely matters on some tracks that I have an open front diff. I run the fronts at 29psi off the line and adjust the rears up from there depending on how much rear grip I need/don't need. That seems to work well but from what was said above maybe running softs at the back would make the rear less scary at places like the mountain straight hillclimb at Panorama or Huntley.
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