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After russell's little indiscretion at ipswitch last weekend and his $10,000 fine I was amazed to hear his comments during the week about the other drivered in the crash Mike Imrie..firstly russell blamed the CAMS lisense system and that Imrie should not be on the track because he is too inexperienced..well ****** to that Ingall..what a load of rubbish ..Imrie has been racing for over 20 years and has a sports sedan title under his belt..geez I remember him racing a Saab at winton back in 91 and hes been in a V8 supercar for the last 3 years...thats how I felt during the week after hearing these comments by Russell but today after watching the V8 superstars show i have sort of changed my opinion ..firstly russell regrets what happened (allthough there was no apology) and then he said the first inteligent thing I have ever heard him say..he claims that the level 1 teams should be helping the privateers and it is up to the senior drivers of the class to chat to these guys and let them know how V8 supercar works and what is expected of them..which i believe is an excellent idea..have some respect for the privateers and they will have some for you on the track otherwise more accidents like this are going to happen because why should they move over for him when all he does is slag him off in public ..therefore the backmarker will think.."well if i hold him up for 3 corners thats gotta **** him off"

also the lisense not sure exactly what they were talking about but from what i could gather they want to stop the average bloke who has a few years racin under there belts from driving in V8 supercar..i find this wrong as it is eliminating alot of competitors who want to get in and have a go..but at the same time I understand that the series is professional and all cars need to be close to the same pace..but not everyone can afford $3 million a year to run one of these cars and have to settle for a budget of $50 grand or less and they do a great job with the limited resources they have got..i guess the future of the sport is there and we have to wait and see.

any thoughts on any of this ???
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