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Simon Hadfield should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridSimon Hadfield should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
The broad sunlit uplands of next March. Yeah, really. .

So, as we hurtle (plummet?) towards the end date of our participation in the European jamboree has anyone anywhere actually considered what this means for Motorsport, in particular our section of club motorsport? I am surprised that the MSA has not been seen to discuss this but it is going to affect everyone who does even the odd race in Europe.
It would appear that Carnets will be necessary and even if your car has road registration the trailer and your tools and equipment will still need control documentation.
Our licences I presume will no longer be European compatible, also British officials will, in Europe, no longer be able to have authority in any thing other than full International events.
The concept of allowing one race in Europe to count for a national championship will end I presume?
What about taxes? If your championship has every round in Europe will they want to tax your income earned in Europe? Will staff need a work permit as we used to have to get to run race cars in the USA?
If calendars are being put together now, and it would be expected that they are, why are these issues not being discussed?
Now I fully understand that if governments cannot even agree on where the Police can work and who they can talk to then our play area is a long way down the agenda but surely this is, to us at least, important and the discussion should be in the public domain?
Even to know that it is being thought about would be a start......
I would also point out that for us Brits doing several races a year in Europe the carnet costs will be spread over a few races, how many Europeans will pay for a carnet to do one race in the UK? Not quite so attractive I suspect.

It is interesting to note that at the Tunnel there appears to be very little work underway to prepare for the vast increase in Customs processes that begins in March. Maybe its all out of sight...
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