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Looking for Royale RP4 details

Hi folks,
I acquired*a Royale RP4 clone basket case (I'm assuming it is a clone as it is missing a Royale ID plate) and I am hoping a kind soul can help me with some assembly details.* Mainly:**
1) the diameter and material of the coolant*transfer tubes from the engine to the rad.
2) the fastening mechanism to attach the glassfibre rocker bottoms*to the chassis.**
3) has anyone had luck purchasing the book "Nowhere to Hide" from royaleracingllc*dot calm?

Also, if anyone happens to have info on this particular car I would love to hear from you.*
Particulars:* A good copy or an unconfirmed f100 car.
Location: Was raced in western Canada* (mostly Alberta) in the 70s and 80s.* Was sitting in a garage in SW Calgary for close to 20 years.
Engine:* Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi 4G32) 1600 cc. Logbook indicates it also ran a BDA
Transmission: Mrk 8 with Mrk 4 internals
Chassis: Brazed semi monocoque

Many Thanks,
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