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Originally Posted by Chiana View Post
I thought that instead of periodically spamming things to the 'Lower Leagues' thread about this series - the Japanese Super Taikyu I've lately been starting to follow from distance - I could just have a thread of it's own for the season. It's a small series not particularly geared for audiences (which you can probably tell here ) and it slots waaaay behind the headliner domestic series a la Super GT and Super Formula, as well as some other smaller series, but it's still quite interesting if you like long distance + multi class racing.

Today Super Taikyu has six classes of machinery, the fastest being ST-X (essentially GT3) followed by ST-1 all the way to ST-5. The lower you go the less it's sports cars and more stock-room touring cars. Upper classes tend to have only few entries while back of the grid booms. As for speed, ST-1 has around GT4 level of performance or lower, so...

This year's entries should be announced some time in February.

2015 calendar

RD0) Mar 1 / Twin Ring Motegi TESTING
RD1) Mar 28-29 / Twin Ring Motegi 5 Hours
RD2) May 23-24 / Sugo 3 Hours
RD3) Jul 4-5 / Fuji 8 Hours
RD4) Aug 1-2 / Autopolis 3 Hours
RD5) Sep 5-6 / Okayama 3 Hours
RD6) Oct 24-25 / Suzuka *TBA*

The only clash with SGT&SF is between Sugo and Super Formula at Okayama IIRC. Fuji round used to be 7 hours but has been extended

Series PR is not great to put it mildly and is only in japanese. The only sensible video coverage I know of consists of around 15 minute recap reel the series uploads to youtube weeks later. So don't expect anything fancy.

Even if no-one posts here I'll try something (when I make sense of their PR) during the season

Thanks Chiana! I always wanted to follow Super Taikyu. I'm a big fan of the Spoon vehicles!
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