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knighty should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridknighty should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Aston Martin - Cosworth F1 engine

AM & Cosworth F1......... FFS get a room!!!!!!

All I'm seeing is Andy Palmer and Christian Horner flirting with each other in the press, now Bruce Wood from Cosworth is joining it....pass the sick-bucket!......just get on with it!!!!!

Really from my side, every last Cosworth F1 engine has done nothing special, normally ok in performance, but trimmed down too light and therefore too flimsy as a fully stressed chassis structure, and reject far too much heat requiring big radiators and therefore poor aero performance back in the V8 NA days

Cosworth have no recent turbocharging experience in high-level motorsport......if I was Andy Palmer I'd be knocking on Ilmors door and doing a deal with Mario Illien, as they have recent F1 turbo experience, not to mention IRL-turbo experience.......I think Cosworth are a shadow of their former selves and trading on their past.
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