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Originally Posted by Nick Hewitt View Post
Mr Barnett ,

There are some very intriguing stories that relate to that particular day at Mallory in 1992.
Foundation Racing , who were running Jan Magnussen that year , had an exclusive test day at Mallory preceding the event , and I have it on good authority that a time in the 46 second bracket was recorded on almost" down to the canvas" Dunlop's ! , as that time was never officially replicated again during the actual race meeting one has to question the lengths to which the regulations were adhered to on that particular day !
"Heroes of FF1600" on Facebook , I believe , has the actual timesheets from the raceday when the lap record was set , it makes interesting reading.
Quite a few people were sub 48 seconds that day , and strangely enough , there was a light drizzle descending when the lap record was set if I remember correctly !
Vis a Vis , the P.Dempsey 1m 32sec lap record at Cadwell , it was done , and bizarely again , it was very hot and humid that day , not far off 30deg C , hardly lap record conditions you would think !
Brian Linley , ex of Infiniti Motorsport was there that day , so he probably still has the timesheets as proof , you can get hold of him at Andy Meyrick Motorsport.
Considering that no-one has ever got close to the Mallory lap record, Spence's lap always seemed very fast. My dad always said that at Mallory very scrubbed tyres worked best, but recent races have been won with laps of high to low 49s. Last March during our shakedown I did a 48.7s, but I wonder how much faster you can get one to go. Engines were often 'special' for British Championship runners, so you never know what was going on back in 1992 - the Magnussen test lap is insane!

I've got proof of Dempsey's Cadwell lap through SMART Timing, but if JNWRF01 can find a faster lap from the 90s then I'm inclined to have that as the lap record (in this list), even if the Dunlops are faster tyres - modern cars are certainly faster with the number of RF00-Onwards and Ray GR06-Onwards cars that are winning and setting LRs.
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