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Originally Posted by barnettracing View Post
I've got proof of Dempsey's Cadwell lap through SMART Timing, but if JNWRF01 can find a faster lap from the 90s then I'm inclined to have that as the lap record (in this list), even if the Dunlops are faster tyres - modern cars are certainly faster with the number of RF00-Onwards and Ray GR06-Onwards cars that are winning and setting LRs.
I am 100% against allowing times set on Dunlops to stand. Maybe in an all time lap record list that is OK, but for a list of "current spec" records, you must limit it to Avons.

I'm also still not convinced that some circuits are exactly the same today as they were some years ago. Small changes like resurfacing, more severe / less severe kerbs, greater / lesser run offs must come into play.

As for Oulton Fosters. Raceday programmes have regulary shown the record as Mike Bennett in low 63s', but I recall that the works guys were in the 62s', or even 61s' - I stand to be corrected on this.

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