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Originally Posted by simon drabble View Post
Mike initially I thiought it would be but when I looked at the suggested list twin cam sports racers were conspicious by their absence...
I think this is for "posh" World Sports Cars....
Johngee to be honest if I was goingto do a 24 hour race I would do it in a modern car or possibly an old 911...
I think for the 24 Hour we would revisit the age groups. We could still very much have older cars and we have been looking at the idea of over a certain age being able to "tag" in some form of relay in respect of the 24 hours purely and simply some of those cars would not make 24 hours but why should they not be able to race?. Its quite a tricky one, but say you had several 1950's E types (just an example) what you could have is a team of them also compete in this 24 hour. a race within a race if you like ...but a before you all go off on one , I am only suggesting things...and making things work on paper (or in a thread) is easy compared to the real world.

In respect of this 24 hour, we would look at possibly coming in as far as the early to mid 90's, five bands of age and then split again (not saying at this point how) but what we would be keen to explore is the idea of keeping it as clubbie as possible but NOT putting so many limitations on it that people think "I wont bother" the most important thing is that the CUSTOMER has fun, enjoys the event and thinks "Christ I gotta do that again"...personally, I think we (360) can deliver fact I know we can cause we already have and that was with the very limited grid that we first had.

JT You can split it or I will open a thread (might be better) and lets reallly wet some appetites
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