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GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!GTRMagic is going for a new world record!
ASFC17 R7 Townsville

Top Ten
1Pascofi Motorsportpascofi m-sport453
2Muta Taskurapu RacingF J Nedos444
3Silvercrest RacingAccident426
4Minnamurra Racing ServicesTourer411
4TGI RacingProfessor411
6All-American RacersMatt408
6Axeman Performance RacingAxeman444408
6B.F. & I Racing Teamfomoco408
6BlueBlood MotorsportBlueBlood408
6Muznik RacingMuznik408
6PaperMan MotorsportGM10408
6Racing HarzRacing Harz408
6Shogun AutosportHelix408
6Team Antrodemus El Cribbo MotorsportJust Do It!408
6Team 'Tallicaford71408

Hard Charger Award (For Most Positions Gained This Round)
BlueBlood Motorsport, Muta Taskurapu Racing, Pascofi Motorsport, Silvercrest Racing, , +2 Places

Biggest Loser Award (For Most Positions Lost This Round)
Shane's Signs Racing, , , -3 Places

Standings To Date
1Racing HarzRacing Harz3058  408
1Shogun AutosportHelix3058  408
3Duff RacingScrut2914-144 369
4Team Antrodemus El Cribbo MotorsportJust Do It!2866-48 408
5Lightning CometsRazor2814-52 378
6Axeman Performance RacingAxeman4442802-12 408
7Muta Taskurapu RacingF J Nedos2661-1412444
8Eagle MotorsportBiggy G2614-47-1318
9Zoom Motorsporttwinwebbers2577-371381
10Team GAZ170Gaz1702554-23-2300
11Minnamurra Racing ServicesTourer2511-431411
11TGI RacingProfessor2511 1411
13Brendon EngineeringProRacer2496-15-2384
14All-American RacersMatt2475-21 408
14Team 'Tallicaford712475  408
16PaperMan MotorsportGM102461-14 408
17BlueBlood MotorsportBlueBlood2358-1032408
18Silvercrest RacingAccident2356-22426
19Straight Line Entrepreneurship RacingGTRMagic2355-1-2378
20Muznik RacingMuznik2323-321408
21B.F. & I Racing Teamfomoco2298-251408
21Shane's Signs Racingmtpanorama2298 -3339
23Yeah The Boyz RacingLD22442265-33 390
24RedZed RacingRedZedMikey2211-54 369
25Pascofi Motorsportpascofi m-sport2193-182453
26MYTOY Motorsportcoln722184-9-1345
27DC Racing SAMadd_Dogg882109-751381
28Cecil Engineeringmceci12058-51-2300
29Happy Dragon TeamMVMotorsportMattV1914-144 243
30Cooper Racing Teamjoey311794-120 300
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