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morninggents should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
The BARC practice results sheets of the time showed cars in race number order with best lap time only and no other info at all such as car make, class, number of laps etc. which we get today. The sheet I have gives car nos 1 - 5 as class A (gleaned from the race result sheet which gives more info). Then car nos 6 - 12 (6 was Tony Sugden on pole, 7 Steve Phillips' Escort, 9 Geoff Janes' Vauxhall, 10 our Escort, 11 Keith Beddoe's Escort, then 12 Phil Winter). The numbers then jump to car nos 16 - 24 with 16 being Martin Pearson's Datsun Cherry, 17 Dave Carvell's Mini etc all being 1300cc Class C cars. Numbers then jump to 29 - 49 which are all Imps and Minis in classes D and E such as Richard Long, Adrian Gamble and David Enderby. The point of this is that it appears Phil was lumped in with the 1300cc - 2500cc class B lot. Are you sure he was running a 1300 cc engine?
I knew Phil fairly well from when he raced his Mini but I don't recall talking to him on that day at Thruxton or even realising he was in an Escort rather than his usual Mini. I think he died very soon after this as he was at the TT racing which has practice usually in last week of May and races in first week of June and I have a feeling he died on 'Mad Sunday', but not 100% sure.
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