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cg7aa should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
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So very sad, just 15 years old. I believe he rode for the Vinales family junior rider programme for helping young Spanish talent progress.
I hope the powers that be are sitting up and paying attention; something needs doing, I don't know what, but something needs to change to further reduce the risks for these kids.

There was a discussion on a motorsport podcast following the death of another young 15 year old rider a few months ago and the consensus appeared to be that the lack of engine power may be contributing because you get groups of riders in very close proximity for most of the race as nobody can really get away. If a rider has the misfortune of going down in the middle of the group, it is hard for those following to see and avoid them. Once you're in this position, it's just luck whether you're hit or not.
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