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Originally Posted by Bcarr6 View Post
We definitely don't need another LMP3 championship

But I would love to see this series host some more unusual entries.

Things like the Glickenhaus, Radical, etc

I actually think GT Open would welcome most types of GT car, but the ruleset obviously isn't too hospitable hence why we now see GT3 only

Honestly, I still really enjoy GT Open races, the slightly lower quality of drivers on the Am side makes for more unpredictable racing, you see some good fighting and plenty of mistakes.

For a ridiculously professional race I was Blancpain Sprint, for something often a little more down to earth and messy I watch GT Open, and enjoy both for each reason
Another LMP3 championship? which?
Did you read what I wrote?
In all LMP3 championships combined with GT3, LMP3 is the first category and GT3 is the second.
I am talking about all 3 categories in the same competitive conditions so that anyone can get an overall victory, like Le Mans in the end of 90s. GT1 vs LMP fighting for overall victory in that moment, GT3 vs LMP3 vs CN fighting for overall victory now.
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