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crossfades should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by tbtstt View Post
Decent opening rounds for the Championship. Great to have the livestream on Facebook (and with English commentary which was an unexpected bonus).

Seemed like a lot of bad luck for Larsson, as I thought he was the quickest car out on track. Least he got a podium on Sunday, though that should have been a win.

I was quite interested by the OMSE Mk.8 Fiesta "test car": looks like they have ditched the front mounted cooling package and reverted to radiators in the back again?
Nordic is going in a similar direction of WRX or GRC, it wants to be a series known internationally. Eriksson is also involved. Not a championship aimed towards mostly Swedes and Norwegians anymore but I think that could be a good thing for Supercars in the north of Europe.

Larsson had gearbox problems during Saturday which ruined that day. Not sure how they got things running on Sunday since not even the reserve gearbox was a 100% during Saturday.

It apparently was the WRX car, don't know how they have changed it. Either way, it still has the same questionable suspension setup as the Lites. The car looks somewhat unsettled.
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