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What racing sim 'kit' do you use?

Just wondering what you guys are using to give me some ideas for my next dose of 'upgraditus'.

I have two set-ups...

an Xbox360, a Fanatec GT3 wheel and the CS pedals which I use to play Forza with the kids in the lounge using Fullview3D glasses on our passive 3D LG HDTV. The glasses allows each player to see a full sized screen when playing 2 player split screen racing games and they work fantastically well.

My PC is an I5 2500K, Nvidea 560TI, 8GB 1600 Ram and can play any of the current sims at decent resolutions/FPS.

I have a one off a kind racing cockpit which had been built by the Prodrive team out of roll cage tubing for Petter Sohlberg and it looks to have fitted one of the actual Kevlar Recaros from one of Petters old WRC cars.

My only problem is that it is massive and weighs a ton and I'm in two minds with what to do with it... do I go with a 3 monitor & 5.1 surround sound audio set-up or modify it to incorporate a projector for SuperFOV such as this amazing, extremely lifelike set-up as used by Remco?

Rfactor with Porsche 956, Gruppe C mod on the Nurburgring... stunning!

All ideas welcome...
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