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Originally Posted by FormulaFox View Post
No. I mean Spirit of Daytona. They took over the project after it got to the point where they were the only ones running the chassis. Then Gen3 came along and because of Pratt & Miller's assistance in improving the chassis it for some reason became the preferred Corvette DP chassis(only two Corvette DPs didn't use Coyote chassis - and one of them has been rather infamously destroyed).

That said, though, it's TECHNICALLY more of a partnership, but all intents and purposes SoD owns and runs Coyote Cars at this point.
As far I know AXR owner, owns coyote too and SoD just owns one of their chassis since mid '2000 being their corvette DP mounted on their old DP2 tub. Anyway I don't think that P&M assisted coyote or anyone else like riley or dallara... the corvette DP "pack" is just a bodywork that can be fitted on all old DP2 chassis + GM engine.
Being just a bodywork and nothing more, you can watch at example that AXR and WTR, being "outside" the same car; have very different cockpit and tub structure. Corvette DP coyote chassis is the only version right handed
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