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peter finlay should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Rob29 View Post
1972 missing

1973 schedule;
Maintz Finthen
Mantorp Park
Oct 21-Brands Hatch

1,Bengt Gilhorn(S) Merlyn &TitanMk6C-64pts
2,Hans Binder (A) Merlyn-Scholar Mk24-62pts
3,Peter Finlay(AUS) Palliser-Rowland WDF2-61pts
4,J-E.Johannsson (S) TitanMk6C-59pts
5,Bob Arnott Merlyn-ScholarMk24-58pts
6,Gerhard Irsa (A) Lotus 69 -42pts
also ran
Tommy Borgudd Royale RP3-23pts
Bengt Airvelid Merlyn Mk10A-14pts
Jan Pedersen Royale RP16-10pts
Ric Van Kempen (NL) Royale-Vegantune RP16-9pts
Claue Crespin (B) Merlyn-HolbayMk24-20pts
Walter Wurzbach (USA) Royale RP16-6pts
Jean-Claude Vaney (B) Merlyn & Vaney -0
Mats Nygren Merlyn-ScholarMk24-0
Thorkild Thyrring Ray
Lennart Dahlqvist Merlyn
Leif Jorgenson DRC
Lars Olsson (DK) MerlynMk20
Per Sorensen (S) Hawke
Dieter -Karl Anton (A) Lotus 69-14pts
Lorenzo Sassi (I)DeltaMk2-9.5pts
Lennart Sundahl (S) Merlyn-Scholar Mk11A-16pts
Syd Fox Hawke DL11-20pts
Frank Hopper Royale RP16-16pts
Don McLeod Van DiemenScholarFA73-12pts
Rob Wicken Merlyn-PiperMk17A-9pts
Richard Morgan Ray-Vegantune 73F-8pts
Tiff Needelll Elden Scholar PH10C-5pts
Mike Young Merlyn-ScholarMk24-4pts
Roger Manning Elen-Piper Mk10-3pts
John Lipman Dulon-Davron LD9-1pt.
Rather late, I have discovered this forum.
My name is Peter Finlay and I placed third in the EFDA/European Formula Ford Championship in 1973.
I returned to Australia at the end of that year as the UK and Europe looked like they were going "belly up". I raced in Australia for the next two years. In 1975 I was a member of the Grace Brothers-Levis Team and placed second (by 1 point) in the Australian FF Championship Series. After competing in the annual Bathurst 500 in a Ford Escort I retired and focused on home and business. In 1980 we purchased the Peter Wherrett Advanced Driving School and then started Peter Finlay's International Racing Drivers' School. Later we became the Antipodean agents for John Kirkpatrick's Jim Russell RDC. Later we started a division with several FFs which included the Mawer 004, an Elfin 600, a Van Diemen RF85 (an ex-Milldent- Malcolm Oastler/ Perry McCarthy FF 2000) and a Reynard . Later, an RF89 joined the team until the older-style cars were replaced with a pair of RF99 Zetec cars sourced from England and two RF98 Zetec which had been built up here in that configuration. We sold the school in 2010.
I returned to Hillclimbing in 1992 with the Mawer which I progressively developed with wider wheels, slicks, a Toyota supercharger and wings. Later a Toyota 4AG-ZE was fitted. I won the NSW state Hillclimb championship in 1994,5,and 6. In 1996 I brought out Alister Douglas-Osborn, Mike Pilbeam and the "works" MP 62-Vauxhall for the Australian HC titles at Bathurst and scored a very close second place to blown VW-engined single seater. The following year my wife, Gaye, and I spent a month in the UK and I drove the new Pilbeam MP82 at Curborough and Ben Boult's Pilbeam MP52-BDA at the 50th anniversary of the RAC British HC Championships at Shelsley Walsh in June. I then switched over to the MP82 co-driven by Ferrari aerodynamicist Willem Toet at Loton Park and Prescott where I placed third in the under 2 litre class behind Justin Fletcher and Willem.
Back in Australia I set up a March 77B with a supercharged 2 litre YBM for the local events. This car was not particularly successful, although I did lead the time-sheets at the last AHCC in which I participated in 2002.
I look back with great fondness to the FF events in which I drove in the UK in 1972 and in Europe the following year. The Palliser was eventually restored in the yellow and green Grace Bros colours and is owned by Brian Sampson in Melbourne.
After motor racing I learned to fly and reached commercial licence standard. I flew "bank document" in Beech Barons and Piper Aerostars. I turned to catamaran sailing and my last boat was a NACRA 5.0... a rocket ship with which I won some national championship races. I am a contributor to a leading aviation periodical in Australia with articles and photographs. My "day job" is usually that of an executive chauffeur carrying politicians, entertainers and captains of industry in Sydney. I also work as a driving specialist with Rick Bates Advanced Driving.
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