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davester should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
This is what happens when one team bolts away from the field. No, it's not the fault of RBRA, but the fault of the other contenders that appeared to have no level of competitive consistency.

A hard summary maybe, but a harsh reality which has harsh commercial effects.

The only way to improve the number of competitive entrants is to lock down the category specification. Everytime engineering changes are brought to the category, the cashed up engineering based innovators bolt away again. Look at F1, bringing new technical guides for 2017, which no fans asked for, voted in by MB (and its aligning customers) and Ferrari (and its aligning customers), which are merely a smokescreen to allow the cashed up mega factory teams to assert their engineering might to maintain the gap they desire.

V8SC...have they lost their way?
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