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Félix should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridFélix should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I'm happy. What's important to me is that this great chassis will keep on evolving. They even have budget to take the car to the windtunnel for a second year in a row; and we saw how good the results were after one year. That means they are working towards the 2011 LMP rules and are hoping to be a factor this year. The Pescarolo technical team, especially Claude Gallopin who was the #1 Pescarolo technical man, will most probably be involved. In fact, re-reading an Endurance-Info interview just after Okayama, they already said they wanted to use the 3rd chassis for development between the races.

They don't seem to have LMP1 plans, but that development would help Henri run his LMP1(s) even more competitively. SORA probably never wanted to race the cars and might or might not retain them. The only part of the puzzle left is how Henri's planning on going racing next year (with what money and what equipment), and whether he could keep his all-star driving line-up.

Oh and on the SpeedTV link, there's a comment saying De Ferran is getting a Pesca chassis... until proven otherwise, it's just a pipe dream... but it would be GREAT!
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