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Reliant Scimitar Coupe

The critical thing is that it is only homologated with the Webers or a single Zenith, the SU option is not homologated.

Some time ago I had a copy of the FIA papers for the Sabre Six, but where they are now is anyone's guess.

I do recall that only the Zenith and the Webers were homologated. I also recall there was an option for a watts linkage, four trailing arms, LSD and rear disc brakes, all from a DB4. Trouble is, Astons are a bit rare in the breakers yards.

I though there was a chance the Scimitar Coupe was homologated with the 3 su's as that was the only version sold as far as I know, at least until the v6 version came out.

The real surprise is that the coupe got homologated at all, as I thought it had no sporting history, or was that the GTE?
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