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Is Russell Rusty?

Originally posted by elephino
Imrie knew what he was doing. He was doing his best to keep out the way. He knows to let the quicker cars through, he was trying to find the most appropriate time. It is still up to the car behind to get around, even if lapping.
And that, my friends, just about sums it all up. Although of course I haven't seen any footage of the incident or the moments leading up to it, but from what I gather, Ingall caught Imrie at Turn Four. At QR, Turn 4 is a rather tight little number that leads straight into 5, the whole of which there is one line and one line only through (in the V8s - we're not talking club racing here!!).

For Russell to have expected Imrie to move over there is absolutely bloody ridiculous, I'm afraid. Unless you expect the driver being overtaken to move off the track totally, there is no way to pass there. We've all seen what can happen there: witness Mike Downard in the Super Tourers last season. Not the place to pass anybody, let alone cleanly lap them.

Oh, punting someone off after the finish ain't a good thing either...
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