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AndreasDavour should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Teretonga View Post
Well hold on.
Horner and Mr Marko have both had some very embellished calls against Mercedes so all's fair in Love and War.

I don't like the political BS either but I'm not calling out either side.

Re Ferrari and McLaren
We thought Max had it pretty much his way after Austin and Interlagos was considered an RB haven, but it didn't go that way.
So could Jeddah and Qatar prove to be a rebalancing of the battle?
McLaren won on Ferrari's home turf but I'm not discounting a back swing toward McLaren, or do you think that is a false hope?

Well, 24h later and I have found some renewed hope. But, it will be tough. Mathematically it will be tight, but it's not impossible.

I think we can expect both Ferrari drivers to deliver, so it's not like a Tsunoda/Gasley situation where one driver haul in all the points. I do hope Danny can hang on to Norris, then it might be doable.

I expect it to be tense!
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