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Assistance to check the history of a specific chassisnumber

Originally Posted by mkj View Post
Just a polite word of caution to the unsuspecting.

The GTA (like many other cars) has been copied and cars then passed off as genuine. Certainly one Alfa specialist has produced a number of GTAs, and having had access to chassis records, has had the chassis numbers of "missing" cars reproduced by a jeweller as number / letter stamps are not available to stamp the correct height figures. These chassis numbers were formed on a shaped section of aluminium which was then welded into the correct place on the rear of the car.

I'm disclosed the above to assist / warn potential buyers.

Dear MJK,

Thank you for the warning. I will be updating the GTAm chassisnumberlist as a new source of information has been available. This source is in the form of the second, 1456 page extended edition of the book `Alleggerita`. This book also contains loads of information on the GTA chassisnumbers which makes it possible to check the history. Further research will be needed to check if a specific GTA is genuine or not. `Alleggerita` will give you clues.

Ciao! Olaf
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