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Bryan Miller
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Brabham BT30

This is a major post for me in regard to these cars ,and a lot of assistance is due to Chris Townsend.
I will have made some mistakes , but initially will post obscure cars in order to see if we can eliminate strange entities out in to correct spec.
The major problem with these cars is it took very little for the same car to be reported as anything between a BT28 and or BT36 or anything inbetween.
For the people that may not be aware , the FIA rules in regard to cockpit widths altered and BT28-29 and 30 were not considered wide enought for save emergency exit , therefor the BT35 and BT36 had altered body panels to comply.
Naturally cars were altered to comply and a ''say '' BT30 then was reported as a BT36 in some instances.This has greatly complicated tracking of the cars.

The first cars are to seek assistance and to advise.

BT30x as a hillclimb car in 1969 at least by 23-5-69 , for Mike McDowell and shared with Rob Jennings , fitted with a Climax FWMV 2.0 V8 , always entered as seperate entity , but the same car.
This car is BT30x-1 , and is a combination of McDowells engine and Jennings chassis, car is used in this form all through 1970 and A/S reports 18-2-1971 p.25 as now being fitted with a 3.5 Litre Buick , work being carried out by Roy Lane.
Car then adv. sale 10-6-71 p.75,
Sold to David Fyfe and confirmed as BT30X-1 .
For sale again A/S 7-12-72. No further known.

Roger Hickman is out in the hills early 1969 in a 1.6 FVA engined BT30 at Loton Park.
This car changes hands to Brian Pickering and is at Barbon Manor in 1970 as a BT30 fitted with a 1.5 Lotus Twin-cam.
In 1971 this car is now shared with Nigel Woodise A/S 18-2-1971 p.25 still fitted with 1.5 Twin-cam [for class wins].
No number known by me, Chris suggests could be BT30-2 ?????

The next is what started as a BT29 FB with a Cosworth FVC , and entered by Tony Griffiths , this entity is reported as written off at Silverstone and is then replaced by a BT30 , which A/S reports as built April 1970.
Did the chassis plate get transferred and only a new chassis , BT30 , or a whole new car or what.???????????

The next is an adv. 10-2-1972 p.54 for a BT28/30 for sale as an F3 with genuine Bt30 chassis.

BT30-1 1969 Kurt Ahrens as F2 .
1970 Werner Lindeman as F2 at C/Palace 24-5-1970

Car written off , destroyed by fire in the report for Hockenheim F2 round 14-6-1970

BT30-2, reported as Peter Westbury's car at Zolder 13-6-1969 p.8 . somehow I think this is a reporting error.

BT30-3, First /Westbury at Zolder 13-6-1969 p.8 .
Major damage , to be rebuilt for the next round of the F2 series.
At Le Castellet 26-7-1970 , now with John Wingfield .
In 1971 still with Wingfield at Hockenheim 8-4-1971 p.10
For sale A/S 1-7-1971 p.60
To Jim Charnock prior August 1971 used at Oulton Park 7-10-1971.
The following is not verified .
To Christopher Mann U.K. 1983
To Ray Delaney , Australia [ verified ] 1983-88.
To Art Valdez U.S.A. 1990-1 circa.
Nothing Further.

BT30-4 , for Malcolm Guthrie , new at Zolder 13-6-1969 p.8
Frank Williams as entrant some or all of the time in1969.
By 1970 for Ecurie Ecosse for Graham Birrell at N'bring 3-5- 1970.
Thence to Jolly Club /Gagliardi, non C/ship rd. at Monza , 21-7-1970, then Salzburg F2 30-8-1970.
Then Scuderia Ala d'oro for Gian-Luigi Picchi at Hockenheim 4-4-1971.
then reported to be shared by Salvati and Picchi in 1971 , and stated to be the car used by Silvio Moser at Bogota in 1971.
Carlo Franchi for 'Gimax' at Monza 20-6-1971.
Nothing further.

Frank Williams , new for Piers Courage Zolder 13-6-1969 p.8
To Albert Poon and used at Macau 16-11-1969 , report 27-11-1969 p.14 , retained into 1970 and used at Macau again A/S 3-12-1970 p.4 .
Nothing further.

Bt30-6 . Irish Racing Cars / Alan Rollison 1969,
to Bogota Sth.America F2 series , reported as very little used , in fact an uprated 1969 car.
Poss. for sale Bob Howlings Racing Cars 17-2-1972 p.42 as EX. Rollinson , winner at Bogota , also rear cover Autosport 2-3-1972 .
To Nelson Todd Ireland 1971 .
To Ken Walker/ Peter Kaye U.K. 1972 [ David McKinney]
To Bob Howlings again.????
To John Bradburn.
To James Wallis 1982-3 usedin the H.S.C.C championship.
To Bob Howlings 1985
To Tony Thompson 1986.
To Chris Farrell [Australia] retained 2003.

That's all for now .

Any fixes needed.


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