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Old 11 Mar 2007, 07:01 (Ref:1863496)   #1
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effuno should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Delta wing , inverted delta wing

frnds ,

i've been trying to find some data on the dimensions of a delta wing ( to create a cad model ) . Is there any standard design procedures and norms for the design of a delta wing or is it basically a trial and error optimisation .
i wud wanna go on do the CFD analysis of the delta wing and inverted delta , with and without gurney flaps , end plates etc. ! hoping for sth positive , thanks .!

( i'm comfortable with programming a design method if sth as such exists , (just like panel methods etc.. , bt havnt heard of any yet. . )
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Old 11 Mar 2007, 13:54 (Ref:1863628)   #2
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AU N EGL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridAU N EGL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

Look at the Data Base
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Old 12 Mar 2007, 13:52 (Ref:1864654)   #3
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Locost47 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I don't know if there are any specific rules for delta wings but they are fundamentally just large vortex generators so any sharp edge at incidence to the flow will act as one.

I don't think either Gurney flaps or endplates will be of use with delta wings since they rely on separated flow around the leading edge of the wing to generate the vortex whose low pressure core provides the lift on the upper surface of the wing. Endplates are there to limit flow around the edge of a wing and so would negatively interfere or even destroy the mechanism by which the wing generates lift.

Gurney flaps aid flow attachment on conventional aerofoils by reducing the base pressure and hence the pressure gradient that must be overcome by the boundary layer on the suction surface. If anything you would want them on the opposite side for a delta wing to provide a pressure gradient which would *prevent* re-attachment and so maintain the free vortex.

Apologies if you already knew all of this.
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Old 8 Apr 2007, 13:45 (Ref:1886403)   #4
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effuno should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
thanks guys..!

locost , neednt hav done any apologies for helping me out.

the endplates r not the conventional ones . this one goes parallel to the flow direction rather than parallel to the ends(leading edge in this case) of the delta wing itself.!
but the insight u gave me into the gurney flap was useful .i almost switched off my brains on tat and hadnt thot of wat u said.! thanks again

and i am testing the behaviour at low speeds rather than machs. so not sure abt the optimum use of end plates and gurney flaps yet..but i'll try find some .!!

this project is more abt learning CFD than learning aero , but still i wud want to do sth tat helps my aero knowledge as well. So i just took up the delta wing to work on , coz all i knew abt them was tat it worked by generating vortices using sharp leading edges and i cud learn more......... and frankly i never found something on inverted delta. (laziness the reason, to an extend )

sry for late acknowledgement ;been away from this for sometime now
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