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Old 13 Oct 2000, 15:07 (Ref:42755)   #1
Minardi fan
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Minardi fan should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
What's this I hear???

Apparently Toranosuke Takagi could be making a return to F1 with Minardi, and they will be powered by Mugen Honda engines.

Does ANYONE have any news on this??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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Old 13 Oct 2000, 16:09 (Ref:42763)   #2
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Not really, MF, no more than you have.

I understand that Mugen Honda don't want to leave F1 just yet, and with Minardi the only team yet to confirm their engine supply (although Prost have yet to confirm how they'll be paying for theirs!!), so journalist hacks put two and two together, and came up with Minardi-Mugen.

Needless to say, Minardi will be needing some cash, and Takagi has backing from PIAA group, a big bunch of Japanese blokes with more money than sense obviously, who used to sponsor Tyrell.

However, with Mazzacane cemented into his seat, and Gene denying rumours he's going anywhere ("I don't have to follow Telefonica...") there may be no spare seats for Takagi.

One things for sure, as long as Minardi don't get this year's Mugen engine that's been in the Jordan, they will be much better off than they will with Supersuck.
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Old 16 Oct 2000, 09:44 (Ref:43162)   #3
Valve Bounce
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Valve Bounce has been held in scrutiny for further testing
Hey MF!! I started this theory in another thread which I cannot remember, but I did address it to you. However, it is news in today's autorace.com. I always thought that if Honda cannot buy BAR out at the end of next year, they may look for another team to buy out to get into F1. And Minardi is the logical team. There is little wrong with the Minardi apart from that dreadfully underpowered engine, and Honda power can make a helluva difference.
As for Takagi, he was always fast but did not have the fitness to last an F1 race. I think it was Martin who used to say that Takai's head used to bounce around in the cockpit like a ping pong ball.
I personally think that Honda will want to keep well ahead of Toyota as they do not want a severe loss of face when Toyota comesinto F1, and if they cannot have absolute control of BAR, they will want their own team. Honda have already threatened both BAR and Jordan to have much better results in the future - they want wins and podiums, not just points. So, how will we see Minardi converted into works Honda? Mixed feelings because they did not go under as an under financed team so far. But heck!! We want to see Minardi at the front of the grid and to win, and this is the price.
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Old 16 Oct 2000, 12:38 (Ref:43174)   #4
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Honda is very exigent engine supplier. If Minardi got their engine, it would loose its independence. We have enouth of factory teams, why one more!!! If Honda needs its own team, it should buy BAR, in any case BAT won't keep the team after tobacco sponsorship's ban.

Minardi is the ONLY team which not owned by multy-national companies, and it will be better to stay in such a way.
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Old 17 Oct 2000, 13:54 (Ref:43328)   #5
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Just read that Telefonica walked away w/ their wallet. Where will the money come from to pay for the Supertec? Maybe the PIAA Mugen coinnection(sic) isn't too far off...
If it can get them off the back, then it's better for everyone. Looks like two less yellow machines out there in 2001.
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Old 18 Oct 2000, 05:12 (Ref:43391)   #6
Valve Bounce
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Minardi must get money!!

Yep!! I just read about Telefonica also. I also read yesterday that it is possible that certain parties are going to buy out BAR. This may make any takeover of BAR much too expensive for Honda. I know it is a shame for Minardi to sell out, but there appears to be little choice because without some big bucks from a very kindly benefactor who also supplies engines just by chance, I cannot see Minardi staying afloat. In fact, if Honda is smart, they should buy out Minardi right now through Mugen.
What do you think, MF????
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