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Old 21 Sep 2004, 14:59 (Ref:1102943)   #1
Rich D
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Acton, Ontario
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Rich D should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

Was not sure which thread to start this in, so I started one of my own - Be nice to my first ever 10/10ths thread now......

This is how we do the tickets/registration thing in Ontario, and it seems to work, so thought it would be useful to post.

Yes, we too require a ticket to enter the track. Our security seems a lot lower key, especially for Regional races, but at a Pro, we get rent-a-cops to cope with too.

Our system is as follows: We have a registration building outside of the track. This is your first point of call for the day/weekend. Everybody registers here, drivers/crew/media/workers/marshals.
Inside you are checked against the list of workers, you sign a waiver, get your ticket and trackside credentials. Guest passes can be picked up here, Drivers pay their fees etc...
Then, ticket in hand, we proceed to the gate where we get into the track.

Registration is usually open the evening before an event, for those who come up early and sleep over.

Marshals then proceed to the club hut, where we check in, and obtain our corner assignment for the day. Each day of the event we do the same, regardless of if we left the track or not. No one knows (apart from the 'powers that be') what the assignments are until each morning. Extra people (Maybes and walk-ins) are slotted in once everyone has checked in and needs can be seen.

This has a few advantages over what I percieve (and I have not had the pleasure of working in the UK YET..[wait until next year]) is the typical UK system.

1) No need to send tickets. Just an email confirmation of registration.
2) Last minute walk-ins can be easily accomodated by the registration person. Usually we just say 'i'm not on the list, i'm marshalling' and that gets your ticket.
3) No shows don't waste a ticket - it never gets issued
4) There is a point of contact outside the track, who can then summon any extra help required (CCM, track management etc..)
5) No one knows where they will work, so no one can 'opt out' because of a perceived poor assignment.

Now, if we are driving to one of the corners that requires going out onto the public road, we need to remember our gate ticket, as trackside credentials will not get you through the gate (yes, I learned this last week), but mainly this works in a fairly stress-free way.

Hope this helps,
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President, MMS, Canada
Old 21 Sep 2004, 16:09 (Ref:1102995)   #2
Ten-Tenths Hall of Fame
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United States
85mi S. of Daytona, 125mi NE of Sebring
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thebear should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridthebear should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

All the events that I have worked in the US have their registration outside the track. Car passes are required only for "pro" events where space is at a premium and attendance is large (150-200 marshals for the Sebring 12hrs). Worker credential for the Sebring 12hr consists of a wallet sized special "Pro Worker" laminted badge with your photo. These are provided free and updated each year. The update sticker is numbered and use for the door prize drawings at the Friday night dinner. Workers at the Rolex 24 (Daytona) get spectator tickets with a "Corner Worker"overstamp. For more information, see: http://www.marshalspost.com/circuit/80.html and http://www.marshalspost.com/circuit/49.html. Please come on over, you will have a great time.

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Old 21 Sep 2004, 22:21 (Ref:1103366)   #3
Andrew Gunnell
Join Date: Mar 2004
United Kingdom
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Welcome to ten-tenths Rich D.

There has been a thread resently put up on how to improve entry in to UK circuits.

The way you have seems to be a good idea. I hope the UK clubs and circuits have a look at it. But I can not ssee them changing there ways yet.

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Old 21 Sep 2004, 22:53 (Ref:1103391)   #4
Race Official
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Join Date: Jun 2002
Wolverhampton, England
Posts: 12,337
Woolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of FameWoolley will be entering the Motorsport Hall of Fame
Makes an awful lot of sense. ChampCar at Rockingham worked like that and it was so much easier. Also has the big advantage of if you find you're free at short notice you can turn up and sign on before entry. Also, how many of us have turned up at gate to find they've forgotten the tickets, or as I did once, brought the wrong envelope? On brown envelope looks just like another, but unfortunately one had Donington tickets and the other Mallory for the week after, and I was at the other one...
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Old 22 Sep 2004, 12:21 (Ref:1103791)   #5
Join Date: Aug 2003
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Fay should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Silverstone used the idea of signing on in the car park for a while, but unfortunately it has now been changed to signing on in the Paddock Bar.

As you say it was a lot better, as you could just turn up on the morning if you were free.

Most clubs do not let you have the allocations until you sign-on now.
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