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Old 30 Jun 2001, 04:03 (Ref:111344)   #1
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SevenGrain should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
CART, IRL work together on schedules

Apparantly, Officials from both the IRL and CART have agreed apon scheduling for 2002 with no conflicting dates (this according to Robin Miller, who generally knows what he's talking about). If true, This marks the first real cooperation between the two series to arrive at a seperate-but-united open wheel racing plan.
This plays into the hands of some CART owners who have stated that in such a scenario, they would like to contest both series (Ganassi and Penske). Roger Penske has said on record that there should be as many as three common races between the series, a triple crown if you will. (Indy, Michigan, Fontana?)
We'll have to see how all of this plays out over the next few weeks and months, but to know that the series are cooperating is positive news. I, of course, don't feel that CART should end up with only road courses, (the diversity being what made CART great to begin with) but it looks to be headed that way.
Obviously, much of what is being said by the press and by various teams must be taken with a grain of salt as there is still a great deal of assumption at this point.
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Old 30 Jun 2001, 20:00 (Ref:111556)   #2
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floid2000 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Maybe this will signal the end of the "cold war".
Then we can get back to racing.
I would like to see Cart and everyone else work thier scedules around Lemans so all the drivers would get a chance to race there.The 24 hour has always drawn from differant series around the world.
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Old 11 Jul 2001, 13:14 (Ref:115636)   #3
Joe Fan
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Joe Fan should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridJoe Fan should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
It is really a shame that this thread only has one reply because it is probably one that every open wheel fan in North America should be happy overjoyed with. Why? Cooperation is what will bring open wheel racing back up by its boot straps. It should be real obvious by now that the IRL is here to stay and starting to take off and that they are having better success than CART at oval venues.

What I forsee happening is a unification where there will be the creation of separate divisions: Ovals and Road Racing division or a National and International division. Of course the IRL will be the Oval or National division with CART being the other. I see a merger of this type on a marketing and leadership front with Tony George being in command but the CART owners being able to do what they are now but having a common formula so that there can be an economies of scale, not only from a marketing and financial standpoint, but also from a competitor standpoint enabling cross over between divisions.
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Old 11 Jul 2001, 13:35 (Ref:115640)   #4
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mac should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridmac should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridmac should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Being from Australia, we don't get (or really care about) much regular IRL news media. Consequently, I am sceptical of cooperation between the two. I certainly recognise that it is most important for this to happen, for the sake of the sport. BUT, I love CART's current standard of racing. I love the fact it is a World Series. I love its diversity. I know it probably sounds silly, but I would hate to see any degradation of these things that make it great. I feel that some IRL principles must be retained (primarily for cost-cutting purposes), however, I also realise that some of the IRL features would not be conducive to a series I could support. While I enjoy ovals, I could not stand a series with a huge focus on them. I also feel that such a series would place question marks on the stature of the series. Also, names such as Oldsmobile and Infiniti mean nothing in overseas markets (such as Australia).

Obviously it is most important for such a series to maitain its standing in American sport (as this will always be its home), however I feel as though American selfishness must not be allowed to intefer with the world appeal.

As for the two series working together on scheduling - whatever's good for the sport.......
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Old 11 Jul 2001, 15:20 (Ref:115682)   #5
Ten-Tenths Hall of Fame
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marcus has a real shot at the podium!marcus has a real shot at the podium!marcus has a real shot at the podium!marcus has a real shot at the podium!
its great that they are working together on this issue..I love both series and take each one on its merits...but to throw another bannana on the track ..are they working together so that one or the other is in a position to push the other one out of the equation alltogether ???

I hope not because i would like both series to survive and flurish as they are both great..most hold a grudge against the IRL because of simply the Indy fact..but being impartial to nostalgia feelings on this subject i think this is a step in the right direction and hopefully its onward and upward for both series from here.
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Old 11 Jul 2001, 21:39 (Ref:115855)   #6
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Colorado Springs
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Emfa should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I look at this with a certain amount of skepticism. Maybe they appear to be working together, but it is impossible to tell exactly what is going on without having access to the insiders.

If anything, what we are going to see here is some cooperation leading to coexistence at best, not reconciliation/merger (IMO). Just listen to the way Foyt is still mouthing off (at Kansas). And do you think TG's ego has deflated enough for him to want to get together again? Unless CART really stuffs things up big time - like going bankrupt or being incapacitated by a lawsuit (and I admit, that may happen) - there will probably continue to be 2 series' for some time yet.

Time may prove all of us wrong. In the meantime, we will continue to give our opinions and debate amongst ourselves; and I will continue to watch my preferred series - CART.
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Old 11 Jul 2001, 23:59 (Ref:115921)   #7
Joe Fan
Join Date: May 1999
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Joe Fan should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridJoe Fan should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Some type of unification/merger between the IRL and CART is destined to become a reality at some point. Look at the AFL and NFL, the ABA and NBA, the WHA and NHL, and the IHL and AHL. At some point in time, this is inevitable. Since Tony George has more money, the key venue and since his series is only getting stronger, he will be in the driver's seat. Someone on another forum said that he has the money now to buy the majority of shares in CART. However, he won't because the series need a common engine and chassis formula and the price looks to be cheaper in the future.
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