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Old 4 Jul 2003, 23:03 (Ref:652932)   #1
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Towing Part 2 - a car with no trailer


Here's a question I am unsure of.

Is it legal to tow a car - in this case with a proper metal towing shaft so there is no free play like there is with rope - I plan to tow it to a local airfield for brake compound testing and bedding in.

I know cars can be towed, but does the car being towed have to have:

a) road tax?
b) insurance?

The towed car will *not* be powering itself, but I will have to sit there steering it, but nothing else.

The journey is not far, probably only 10 miles, but I would like it to be a legal one.

Trailers have no tax, and no insurenace either as that is covered by the vehicle powering it so I wonder if this also applies in my case? i.e. I don't need to tax and insure the race car (oh g, the cost)

I normally hire a trailer, but for such a short journey I dodn't want to if I don't have to.

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Old 4 Jul 2003, 23:10 (Ref:652936)   #2
bacon sandwich
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PDL - Oh yes - car must be fully road legal - the law classes it as a mechanically propelled vehicle as well as a motor vehicle and so if someone is steering it they are deemd to be driving it - needs insurance, tax, MOT, legally treaded tyres, working lights, etc. You've got to think that if you had an acident whilst towing it - it has got to be covered same as normal car is.
A trailer is not the same because it has no self propulsion and therefore is not a motor or mechanically propelled vehicle.
The same as if any car is parked on a highway - even if it never turns a wheel - it must be insured and legal, etc.
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Old 5 Jul 2003, 16:37 (Ref:653435)   #3
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Get an A-frame??
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Old 9 Jul 2003, 16:26 (Ref:657038)   #4
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According to a website which seems pretty clued-up, this is not legal unless the vehicle being towed weighs less than 750kg. And as your car has to be road legal this seems pretty unlikely.

http://www.ntta.co.uk/ says in the FAQ
Q I have a motor home and want to tow a Fiat Seicento behind it using an A-frame. This car has a kerb weight under 750 kg so am I legal with this outfit?

A Sorry no is the answer. The law regards this as an unbraked trailer and you are allowed to tow up to 750 kg Gross Trailer Weight, not a car’s kerb weight. The figure you have to use is the car’s Gross Vehicle Weight or Maximum Permitted Weight. This is usually at least 300 - 400 kg more than the kerb weight. We have no knowledge of any car sold in the UK that has a GVW under 750 kg. The only vehicle we know that is completely legal to tow with an A-frame is the French Aixam small "car". This is a full four seater and details can be obtained from Aixam UK on 01926 886100. An A-frame or dolly can only be used to recover a broken down vehicle to a place of safety. Transporting a car is, therefore, illegal. A-frames may be offered with a braking system that applies the car's brakes. These do not conform to the law as the car then becomes a "braked trailer" and has to conform to European Directives contained within the Construction and Use Regulations. It does not conform to the European Directive 71/320/EEC and amendments regarding braking requirements in any way. The use of this A-frame for transportation is illegal. It is still OK for use to recover a vehicle to a place of safety.
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