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Old 6 Sep 2000, 20:53 (Ref:35406)   #1
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Gerard should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Max Mosley's term as President of the FIA runs out at the end of the 2001 season, but he said that recent attempts by team bosses to oust him has only convinced him to seek re-election when his term runs out in October 2001.

He commented with: 'If people start saying, you have to go, my immediate reaction is I'll have to stay. It always has the opposite effect on me. So I will stand for re-election again next year - provided it's quite clear that the majority of the clubs want me'.

So this is what we'll have to put up with in the future.
Not a FIA president that does his job because he likes it and because he wants to do the best he can to make motorsport succesful.
No, motorsport has to deal with a president who's motivation to be re-elected seems to be a bullheaded and childish attitude as in 'When you say yes, I say no and there's nothing you can do about it.'
Wouldn't it be better for motorsport and Mosley himself if he wouldn't behave like a spoiled child, get rid of this stubborn behaviour and ask himself why some team bosses want him out of the way?
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Old 6 Sep 2000, 20:59 (Ref:35410)   #2
White Van Man
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White Van Man should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Sorry Gerard, but I think this attitude of his has been apparent for quite some time.

Problem: People complain that F1 is boring and there is no overtaking.

Solution: They don't want to see racing on the track - they want to see the pitcrews working...

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Old 7 Sep 2000, 00:36 (Ref:35462)   #3
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Liz should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridLiz should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Just what I said before: Max doesn't care what we want or the bosses want or anybody wants but Bernie'n'him. Because he doesn't have to.

Unfortunately for us, he's the kind of guy who delights in rubbing our noses in the fact that we are stuck with him.

Little man syndrome? Maybe. Certainly a very little soul.
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Old 7 Sep 2000, 00:49 (Ref:35467)   #4
Valve Bounce
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Long Live Max

HE SEEMS TO TAKE GREAT DELIGHT IN THE FACT THAT the Constructors have no say in who gets elected - they only have the option of saying whether they want to enter a team or not. He thinks that the FIA and not the Constructors are the raison 'etre for F1. I have asked this question before - is he better or worse than Balestre? Not that the answer will be much consolation. It reminds me of one of my Latin stories: This old woman sang out "Long Live Caesar!!" when the latter came past. Bemused by this, he stopped and asked why, since everyone else was saying "death to Caesar!!". She replied: Each time a Caesar died, a more cruel caesar replaced him. I am old now and I really do not want to see a Caesar more cruel that you in my lifetime.
Couldn't we just stick pins into a voodoo Max doll? Or put it at the bottom of a bird cage?
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Old 7 Sep 2000, 13:16 (Ref:35533)   #5
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kuchi should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Well if Moesly always responds with the opposite of what he was askd for there is the solution. We, and everybody has to tell him that F1 is great withput overtaking, thet we are not tired of seeing guys having to make great pit stops in order to gain positions. And i donĀ“t think we could find someone more stubborn than Max, changes are most of times good. But we also hav to realiza that FIA is not only F1.....this is a big problem.
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