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Old 5 Jan 2020, 23:05 (Ref:3949951)   #1
Jan E-28
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Jan E-28 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Trying to track down other genuine BMW E21 Hartge h3s/335i cars/owners.

I have got myself a project car that are in a sorry state I want to restore.
Problem are that there is no information out there for some of the things I need to know to make it 100% original again.

There is a lot of people thinking they know, but base there stated facts on things they just have seen in a brochure or heard from someone

Problem with some of the Hartge's is that they are so rear that I think the only way to make good confirmations on some of the things is to talk to a genuine owner of one of the few E21 h3s/335i. I have just not found anyone yet.
I have been sent in many directions but turns out that all are just the 323i RS/H3 or homage made.

I know there is a lot of people in here that has connections with people that potentially have one of these cars in their possession, or know of someone that has. I would really appreciate if you reached me on PM.

Ps I will be discreet with the information I get.
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Old 1 Jul 2020, 17:33 (Ref:3984953)   #2
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Mark-e21 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Good luck. I had similar problems when I was rebuilding my TWR 323is. There are only 2 of the 3 known cars remaining sadly.
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Old 1 Jul 2020, 20:13 (Ref:3985002)   #3
Jan E-28
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 9
Jan E-28 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Thank you.

The TWR is a real special one also. Good luck with your car. I'm impressed how much information, pictures, and history you have found on your car. Maybe because TWR had a lot better record of history then what Hartge have? (Hartge records was almost non existing at that time they where only tuners. And was not really good after they become manufacturer either )

TWR was 240hp? That will also be a handfull to manage with the heavy M30 in front
Guess its the M90 block. What mods did they do to get 240?

Hartge did not do any upgrade to the engine when they swaped. And Hartge brocures states 205hp. I don't know how they ended up with 205hp since no E24 had it (Tho one place stated that German 215hp cars did in fact have 205hp due to smoke and noise restrictions?) At least it looks like the 215hp version and I can not belive that the Hartge headers restricts any more then the original E24 iron cast exhaust manifoil

My car was kind of strange also with a lot of Alpina parts. I first thought it may be an original Alpina that Hartge did there work on, since it had Alpina wheels, Scheel/ASS Alpina seats, Alpina stripes and Alpina stickers places noone just doing a Alpina conversion would put them. And according to records it looks like its been in the car from new. But Alpina did not have any record of the car been to Buchloe.
But Hartge was a Alpina dealer at the time so guess they also put in everything the customer wanted to put in the car. But sure is a strange combo
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