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Old 23 Apr 2016, 19:58 (Ref:3635916)   #16
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TF110 is going for a new lap record!TF110 is going for a new lap record!TF110 is going for a new lap record!TF110 is going for a new lap record!TF110 is going for a new lap record!TF110 is going for a new lap record!
Wonder what that Cosworth Nissan is capable of?
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silente should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

This is a study i did about LMP1-L cars using Perrinn's data and some experience.
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truebeliever should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Mike E View Post
I have done some lap time analysis on the WEC. I did it because of the LMP1-H vs LMP1-P discussions that have been going on and I wanted to quantify the lap time that the privateers are losing to the big boys.

I was also wondering how much of a gap there is between LMP1-P and LMP2, bearing in mind that LMP2 will be getting a power boost up to around 600bhp in 2017. This is probably not far short of what Rebellion and ByKolles are getting out of the AER V6 at the moment. Judd have relaunched their 5.5 litre V10 and are claiming over 480kW, or at least 645bhp (http://www.engdev.com/aim-lmp1-engine/). If this claim is accurate, then AER are getting at least 250bhp/litre out of that little 2.4 litre V6. That sounds like a strain.

Similarly, GTE Pro will be speeding up with the arrival of new cars and the new aero rules being introduced.

I analysed the fastest race laps for each car in each race. I know fastest lap may not be representative of a car's overall pace in a race but it does represent the best the car could do on the day (and calculating average race lap time, excluding FCY/safety car/pit in/pit out/etc sounds like hard work!).

Some points to note:
- There are only 3 cars running in LMP1-P. And Rebellion sat out the first two rounds while they re-worked their car to take the AER engine. So, only ByKolles were present for Silverstone and Spa, and they were pretty hopeless in both races.
- It gets more interesting from Le Mans onwards with the arrival of Rebellion. I have looked at the times for the full season, as well as the season excluding the first two rounds.
- I have calculated the average and median lap times. The median is probably a better measure because it removes the outliers (in LMP1 this is generally ByKolles, except at Le Mans, when the Nissans brought up the rear).

So, looking at the median figures from LM onwards, the gap from LMP1-H to LMP1-P is around 6% per lap (around 6 or 7 seconds on a typical circuit). That's a lot for cars supposedly competing with each other. The spread of fastest to slowest in LMP1-H was generally around 2.5% and that was enough to turn Toyota into spectators.

The gap from LMP1-H to LMP2 is around 10.5%. This is probably too big, considering the LMP2-GTE Pro gap is about 6%. It's not unusual to see LMP2s struggling to get by GTE cars. The LMP2 power boost is intended to sort this out by closing the gap to LMP1-H and increasing the gap to GTE.

More significantly, the LMP1-P to LMP2 gap is only about 4%. And in the races it has seemed a lot closer because of reliability problems in LMP1-P, and possibly inconsistent lap times (speculation). An extra 150bhp for LMP2 could make the current LMP1-Ps look very ordinary. The Rebellions have good top speed, comparable with the LMP1-Hs, and significantly ahead of LMP2. So they are losing out to LMP1-H on acceleration (4 wheel drive, huge torque) and handling/downforce ().
Bear in mind that an ORECA 05 with a 600bhp Gibson V8 in the back is not very different from a Rebellion-AER. So increase the top speed of the ORECA and you have a Rebellion lap time? Maybe.

No doubt Onroak/Strakka/Greaves/whoever have done these sums (a lot better than I have). You can see why they might be reluctant to jump into LMP1.

Anyway, the summarised numbers are shown below, and all the numbers are available here: http://1drv.ms/1NjbjNt

LMP1-H->LMP1-P 6.69%
LMP1-H->LMP2 9.81%
LMP1-H->GTE Pro 16.95%
LMP1-H->GTE Am 17.69%
LMP1-P->LMP2 2.96%
LMP2->GTE Pro 6.52%
GTE Pro->GTE Am 1.15%

LMP1-H->LMP1-P 5.59%
LMP1-H->LMP2 9.78%
LMP1-H->GTE Pro 16.51%
LMP1-H->GTE Am 17.07%
LMP1-P->LMP2 3.98%
LMP2->GTE Pro 6.14%
GTE Pro->GTE Am 1.17%

LMP1-H->LMP1-P 6.50%
LMP1-H->LMP2 10.35%
LMP1-H->GTE Pro 17.48%
LMP1-H->GTE Am 18.92%
LMP1-P->LMP2 3.37%
LMP2->GTE Pro 6.56%
GTE Pro->GTE Am 1.27%

LMP1-H->LMP1-P 6.16%
LMP1-H->GTE Pro 17.35%
LMP1-H->GTE Am 18.69%
LMP1-P->LMP2 3.94%
LMP2->GTE Pro 6.27%
GTE Pro->GTE Am 1.27%
Here is a common sense concept, I know that common sense seemingly is something in short supply at ACO headquarters, but drop all th P1 Hyrbrid & P1-L regs, and simply have an open P1 class? Much like was Group C was.

Do the manufactureers not want to be beaten ever? Do they only want to win like Mercedes in F1, because they have a massive power advantage no one can match? Whatever happened to the spirit of competition? Seems the OEM teams only want to race if no one outside their exclusive little group comes close to being competitive with them!

Or maybe it is more to do with that the ACO is able to gain their "benefits" of the OEM manufactureres and really could care less about the racing or the fans that pay to go see a race?

The BS that they are pushing the envelope of technology is exactly that, BS!!! How many diesel cars did Audi sell for example in America because they wer racing a diesel? They raced a diesel because it gave them an unfair advantage, simple.

Let's get back to full grids of diversified cars at all levels, rather than the controlled spec cars for the ACO benefits, even if that is not considered "politically correct".......or should that be, for no profit to themselves?
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Old 7 Oct 2016, 16:14 (Ref:3678158)   #19
Mike E
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Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!Mike E is going for a new world record!
The manufacturers want (need) to sell hybrid cars, and they want to use racing hybrid cars as a shop window.

Manufacturer-backed motor sport will also come under increasing pressure to appear environmentally aware. Look at Jaguar and BMW entering Formula E.

This isn't going away.
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