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Super Tourer
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Super Tourer should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridSuper Tourer should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridSuper Tourer should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridSuper Tourer should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Posting in the F1 Forum - Please Read.

Posting in the F1 forum

We have noticed a worrying trend creeping into the F1 forum, where no argument will be brooked and opposing viewpoints are either ridiculed or taken to extremes. We believe this is stifling good discussion.

First and foremost 10 tenths is a discussion forum – be aware that not everyone will agree with your viewpoint – that doesn’t make it wrong or right – just different.

No team or driver in F1 is above criticism – there is a line between not agreeing a viewpoint and bashing for the sake of it – please remember where the line is.

We encourage criticism of any parties involved in F1, as long as it is reasoned and isn't posted with malice or an agenda.

Accept other member’s viewpoints gracefully and in the spirit they are offered.

Please take time to read other members posts and appreciate the overall meaning of the post. Rather than seize a minor point and use that to discredit the rest of the post. On top of this many are attacked over a small point, when the gist of the whole means something else!"

For new members, enter the forum as you would enter a room full of people you’ve never met – would you kick the door down and throw out inflammatory remarks within the first few seconds of meeting people, or would you poke your head around the door, get to know people and then chat to people with the some of the same opinions?

As mod’s it’s our job to keep the conversation flowing, (hopefully) post things of interest ourselves and keep the forum humming along nicely, letting discussion thrive and develop. This is harder to do if two parties form such entrenched positions there is no room for debate, please bear this in mind.

In summary.

Don’t be over sensitive to criticism of your favoured team or driver

Do treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Do remember this is a discussion site for F1 as a whole, not a fan appreciation society for any particular teams or drivers.

If the topic becomes to ‘hot’ for you – don’t inflame it further – walk away and let the mod’s decide on appropriate action.

Most of all enjoy posting and reading other people’s thoughts.
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