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Old 10 Aug 2004, 20:12 (Ref:1062508)   #1
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yeltneb should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Why did Formula Saloons Die

A lot of talk is going on about too many Championships and the need to amalgamate or chop championships. Now that what was the best National Saloon Championship is dead lets try to find out why.
FS had a Class for everytype of Saloon and for this year that included 2 seaters (GT's), the only cars excluded where space frames and engines over 6 litres.
Registartion £320 but you got 2 free tyres worth over this so basically no reg fee. Garages for most meetings. 20 min qualifying not the normal 15 and more laps than most races.
Top Class machinary and top drivers, regular newsletters and Gerry Marshall as Club President.
So with all the above, why did it die?
If you had a car that was eligible why did you choose not to race in FS?
The racing scene is definately worse of for loosing FS.
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Old 10 Aug 2004, 20:19 (Ref:1062514)   #2
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R59 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridR59 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I wish I knew.

Lots of people with lots of cars with garage doors nailed shut.

A few people like me with cars in bits and no time to put them back together!

The rules were right, the racing was good, the cars have.... gone....

A crying shame, especially when you consider how much time and effort Garry put into it.

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Al Weyman
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Al Weyman has a real shot at the podium!Al Weyman has a real shot at the podium!Al Weyman has a real shot at the podium!Al Weyman has a real shot at the podium!
A lot of the reason is probably because it aint no fun just making up the numbers and there was some very dominate machinery out there the last time I watched it. I have a 3rd Gen IROC Camaro to ModProd regs sitting outside now, basically all steel and glass production based car with a very stout 5.8 v8 engine that I could have entered but against some of that stuff out there it would not hold a candle so why bother. Even with class races you still have to end up explaining to friends and family why you are being lapped and they soon loose interest so why waste money to make unknowledgeable people think you can't cut it. It is all about money and resourses again.
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