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Advice for new users
Here you'll find some information about chatting on tenths - phrases that are used, advice for posting and other stuff like that!

Forum Rules
Here you'll find the rules that you agreed to when you signed up to the site.

Posting Guidelines
Some hints and tips on posting to help you get the most out of your Tenths chatting!

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Advice for users with slower connections
It's a sad fact of life that just about everything in IT these days is geared to the top specifications and doesn't cater for those of us who don't have super dooper mega processors, a googleplex of RAM and a direct leased line to the fabled internet backbone. We've done our best to keep Tenths as fast to use as possible, no matter what your specification, but there are some tips we can give you to speed you up if you find access is slow.

Problems and Issues

Here you'll find information on what subscriptions are, how to get them and what you get with them.

Official Competitions

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